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“A miss is as good as a mile”. Nowadays, under the premier of MRA, the precision of instruments and equipment is the life of a testing laboratory. Professional calibration service of NCS provides overall guarantee of traceability.

Main calibration types

NCS can carry out calibration as per American standards, such as ASTM, ASME, GE, Nadcap and API, as well as other standards, including EN, JIS, ISO.

Testing machines

Metallographic inspection machines

NDT equipments

Chemical analysis instruments

Laboratory auxiliary facilities

Metallic CRMs

Self-developed national CRMs, such as impact, tensile, high-temperature tensile, endurance CRMs

Impact:GSB 03-2040~2043-2006, ZL 200420000661·6

Impact:GSB 03-2039-2006

High-temperature tensile:GSB 03-2495-2008

American NIST impact CRMs, French LNE impact CRMs, etc.

Metrical instruments

A complete set of self-developed metrical instruments for static & dynamic mechanical performance, such as electronic extensometer, twist extensometer, low/high temperature extensometer, high precision extensometer calibrator, axial measuring apparatus for tester, Brinell & Rockwell hardness & hard alloy indenter, etc.

Characteristic services

LZC-11 automatic tensile measure and control system

Electronic & hydraulic tensile testers which can realize closed automatic measurement and control of stress, strain and displacement, upgraded according to the requirements of new national standards GB/T 228-2010.