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As the National Nondestructive Testing Center for Steel Products, not only can NCS provide the conventional testing with such techniques as X-ray, ultrasonics, magnetic powder, infiltration and whirlpool, but also take the charge of carrying out comprehensive performance testing on automatic NDT machines of metallurgical enterprises in China and give just evaluation on their reliability.

Main testing projects:

Non-destructive testing of metallic plates, pipelines, bars, wires and sections as well as casting & forging pieces

Testing of engine blade, impeller, turbocharger, raceway, artificial joints and welded seam

Pressure vessel, pressure pipeline non-destructive testing;

Large construction, bridge steel structure and network projects non-destructive testing

Non-destructive testing of mechanical components and composite materials

Researches and application of new non-destructive testing methods and techniques

Industrial Building Inspection

NCS mainly engages in construction project quality inspection, industrial building structure and facilities security monitor, industrial enterprise pipe network lifeline diagnosis and new & existing bridge structure reliability diagnosis and evaluation, etc.

Main Testing Items:

Non-destructive testing of steel structure

Welding procedure qualification and welding material re-inspection

Thickness testing of protective layer of beam steel bar

Thickness & adhesion testing of aluminum materials coatings

Mechanical performance testing of building steel

Detection of harmful substance in building & decoration materials

Chemical analysis of steels, pre-strain materials, steel structure materials, concrete, cement, waterproof, anticorrosive material and building materials.

Typical cases of non-destructive testing on some key industrial projects:

National theatre

CCTV New Building

T3 Beijing Capital Inter. Airport

National Stadium-Bird’s Nest

6th Ring Road Viaduct

Pipeline testing site