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NCS Sample Machining Center owns over seventy equipments with machining capacity of over 100,000 pieces. It can undertake various businesses such as mechanical sample preparation, chemical sample preparation, numeric control machining, etc. Its precise machining techniques and rigorous sample management has established itself a good fame within the industry.

Sample types:

Fatigue, creep, endurance, tensile, twist, fracture toughness, impact, plate tensile, plate creep, plate fatigue, pipeline tensile, gas, hardness, metallographic and chemical samples and clamp apparatus.

Material types:

Metallic materials, primary & auxiliary materials and difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, high temperature alloy, infiltrated Cu-W alloy, molybdenum, etc.

Main equipments:

Numerical control machine, lathe, miller, planer, borer, plane grinder, circular grinder, cutter and tool grinder, profile grinder, centerless grinder, plasma cutting machine, abrader, hacksaw (belt) machine and universal microscope.

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  • Engineering shop
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