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As the associate director member of Mechanical & Processing Properties Testing Method Technical Committee of SAC/TC 183, NCS is the main drafting and revising unit of national standards in this area. In the meanwhile, it is also a participant in the revision work of ISO international standards. The NCS mechanical test laboratory undertakes a large amount of evaluation work of comprehensive materials. It has reached international advanced level in such aspects as overall evaluation of nuclear materials (especially nuclear class 1 materials), fatigue property test of twisted steel, fracture mechanical property test (especially at high /low temperature), low (high) cycle fatigue performance testing.

Main test items:

Tensile test at room, high and low temperature, compression, bending, impact and hardness testing (especially at vacuum & high temperature) of metals

Fatigue toughness of metals at room, high and low temperature

Crack growth rate test at room and high temperature, low & high cycle fatigue test

High temperature endurance and creep test(including notch joint endurance test)

Ductile-brittle transition temperature (FATT) curve test, ductility transition temperature (NDTT) drop hammer test, dynamic tear (DT) (DWTT) drop weight tear test

Sheet metal plastic should change (r), tensile strain hardening exponent (n value) test, Erickson Cupping test

Mechanical test of real objects

Metal material processibility testing

Mechanical properties testing of a variety of real metallic objects, such as bolts, rebar, steel rail, sheet.

Bolt performance testing (tensile, fatigue, guarantee load, wedge load, torque coefficient, slip resistance etc.)

  • MTS universal fatigue testing machine
  • High-frequency fatigue testing machine
  • Bearing Steel touched fatigue testing machine
  • Slow stress rate tensile testing machine
  • Endurance testing machine
  • Instrumented impact testing machine