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As the chair member and secretariat-attached unit of SAC/TC183/SC5,which is named as Chemical Composition Testing Technical Committee Member for Steel and Alloy, NCS is the main drafting and revising unit of national standards in this area. Besides, it has been in charge of drafting five ISO international standards in recent 10 years. NCS is leading the international level in metallurgical trace analysis and its quality control, OPA, etc.

Sample types

Main and trace analysis of ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal & alloy

Metallurgical raw materials, such as coal, ores, limestone, slags, deoxidizer and refractory materials

Depth analysis of coatings on metallic material

RoHS testing of electron and electric products

Waters and environmental sample analysis

Detection of harmful elements in drugs, foods and building materials

Identification of unknown samples

Trail analysis

Fields of interest

Metallurgy, construction, mine, geology, environment, machinery, chemical engineering, electron and electrics, oil, biology, pharmacy, medical treatment, texture, food, etc.

Typical equipment

mass spectrometer,:LA-ICP-MS, GC-MS, GD-MS

optical spectrometer:ICP-AES, GD-OES, Spark-OES, OPA, XRF, AAS, AFS, CS, ONH

chromatograph:HPLC, IC

  • ICP-MS
  • GC-MS
  • ON analyzer
  • H analyzer
  • XRF
  • OPA
  • Spark-OES