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NCS Qingdao is the domestic agency-in-charge of ISO/TC156. It owns the first class professional team for anti-corrosion and anti-fouling with three national environmental corrosion testing platform including Qingdao Seawater Corrosion Testing Station, Qingdao Atmosphere Corrosion Testing Station and Golmud Salt Lake Water Corrosion Testing Station. In 2007, it was appointed as the national field research station.

Main test items

Environmental corrosion test (sea water, the atmosphere, salt lake)

Water environment simulation corrosion (immersion, salt spray, erosion, high flow rate)

Materials corrosion test

UV aging test

SO2 corrosion test

H2S corrosion test

Xenon lamp aging test

Anti-corrosion technology and products

Sacrificial anode protection

Impressed current protection

Electrolytic antifouling

Typical equipment

Equipped with advanced electrochemical tester 2273, multi-channel automatic recording galvanic corrosometer, hydrogen induced delay cracking tester, periodic dip tester, salt-mist corrosion tester, computer-controlled low strain rate stress corrosion test machine and various coatings detector.

Application field

Marine projects, harbor facilities, ship platform, petrochemical industry, transportation network, buried pipeline and energy & power, etc, at home and abroad.

  • Hydrogen induced delay cracking tester
  • Immersion Corrosion test cycle round box
  • Princeton Secretary Dayton electrochemical
  • Salt spray corrosion test box