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Microstructure analysis & characterization is the main research direction of the physical testing laboratory of NCS. It has established analysis & testing techniques for evaluation and characterization of iron & steel in such aspects as microstructure morphology, crystal structure and orientation, macro and micro distribution of components, interface structure and segregation, etc.

Main test items:

Microstructure analysis

1)SEM morphology observation and analysis

2)Micro-area components analysis

3)Micro-crystallography: crystal structure, grain orientation distribution, texture, grain boundary types; surface analysis, grain boundary segregation analysis

Metallographic inspection

1)The field test of metallography

2)Macro and micro structure inspection for metallic materials

3)Corrosion testing (intercrystalline corrosion, stress corrosion, pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion)

Physical and chemical phase analysis

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the second phase in steel and super alloy

X-ray diffraction analysis

1)Macro and micro residual stress analysis

2)Texture analysis

3)Crystal structure analysis: such as phase identification, precise determination of lattice constant, quantitative determination of residue austenite, carbides and IMC, analysis of grain substructure

Thermophysical propterties analysis of material

1)Heat conductivity, heat diffusivity and specific heat of metallic and non-metallic materials

2)Phase transformation points and melting point

3)DSC thermoanalysis

  • Field emission HRTEM
  • Scanning Auger electron spectroscopy
  • S4300 cold field emission scanning electron microscope
  • Thermal scanning electron microscopy
  • Metallographic image analyzer Metallographic Phase
  • Buehler metallographic automatic grinding and polishing machine Polisher
  • Formast-F automatic meter phase transition
  • Gleeble3800 tester
  • FT semi-micro hardness tester Microhardness
  • Nano-indentation
  • XRD
  • Stress analyzer
  • Thermal Conductance
  • Thermal analyzer