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Notes for Filling in the Test Commission Contract

1. The parts marked in red must be filled.

2. For accurate delivery of reports and invoices, please fill in the entrusting party’s mailing address completely. For electronic reports and invoices, the email address must be given.

3. Please check the desired term (normal: standard fee; urgent: 150% of standard fee; extra urgent: double standard fee). If no option is checked, it will be regarded that “normal”is selected.

4. “Sample keeping”: If no option is selected, the samples will be destroyed after keeping for 3 months by the testing party. If the samples are to be returned, please tick it (it is important).

5. “Name and quality of sample”: This part (especially quality) shall be filled whenever possible so that the analysis method can be quickly established to shorten the testing term. If this part is not filled, blind sample analysis will be done subject to a different fee standard.

“Sample No.”: To avoid confusion, the samples shall be numbered before delivered.

“Test standard”: If no specific test standard (Chinese national standard, American standard, EU standard, Japanese standard, enterprise standard, military standard, etc.) is designated by the customer, it will be deemed as permitting NCS to select standards on its own. For certain test items, e.g. intergranular corrosion, the type of test standard shall be filled.

“Test item”: Please fill in the desired test items clearly; give their full names if possible. For chemical analysis, specific elements to be analyzed shall be made clear whenever possible, and “full-element analysis” or similar contents shall be avoided.

6. “Total expense”: If the test price has been agreed on in writing with the service staff, please fill in directly. However, the final price shall be subject to the “Quotation”.

7. “Remarks”: Other information about the samples and requirements may be filled in this column.

8. Please send the samples together with a paper version of the commission contract. For the first sending, please attach your invoicing information.